Back-to-back movies about people my age

Seems the only time I see first run movies is on airplanes. My carry-on bag was loaded down with several books, but I chose to watch movies. I could have learned a brief history of Croatia, but no, instead I watched Book Club. This is a cute story about 4 good girlfriends who’ve know each … Continue reading Back-to-back movies about people my age

“The Bookshop” – like a classic novel

Here is a movie I look forward to seeing - The Bookshop. Read this review in today's paper. I love the reviewer's description:  “The Bookshop” doesn’t lend itself to easy explication. Like the best novels, meaning is to be savored, not summarized." How perfect is that? Sometimes when I am writing a book review, I try … Continue reading “The Bookshop” – like a classic novel

The Storyteller of Marrakesh

The Storyteller of Marrakesh by Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya Hassan, a Berber from the mountains, is the latest in his family of a long line of storytellers. For a thousand years, storytellers have been found in the souks (market places), passing down oral histories, telling stories of kings, love, and folk tales. His story tonight is one … Continue reading The Storyteller of Marrakesh