I feel bad for those who don’t have a girls weekend

I’m in the Texas Hill Country for my annual girls weekend. Everyone deserves this and I feel bad for those who don’t have such an opportunity.

This afternoon, we were all sitting by the river in lawn chairs with a book and a drink. This can only be done when you are away from it all. At home, I’m apt to pull out a book and pour a glass of wine, but in my head I’m still thinking of things I need to do. It might be as basic as putting the wash in the dryer or what I might make for dinner. But there those things don’t matter. This is living in the now. Yesterday is done and tomorrow will happen in time, but who cares right now.

I’m luck and happy to be with the girls who are happy with whatever I bring. From these girls I take love and happiness, and look forward to doing the same in another year.

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