Being an auntie is a cool job!

I’m on the bus headed back to Cape Cod after a few days with my sister and her grandchildren. One of the reasons we moved here is to be closer to what’s left of my family. When we made the decision and bought our place on the Cape, my mother was still living in Montgomery, Texas, and Bob’s parents are still in San Antonio. We figured we’d fly back every so often to check in with them, and we had hoped that my mother would finally agree to a senior facility near my sister or me on the East Coast. Mom passed away last summer. Bob’s folks are living in a nursing home and it appears they will continue to  do so.

Nancy is the only sibling left. Our brother died 20 years ago, hard to believe. His widow and kids are all in California. They now all grown and his oldest, Jenna is married and has an 18 month old son.

Nancy is retired and cares for 2 grandsons, ages 3 and 6. I don’t know how she does it – they are a handful and she has so much energy. Logan is quite bright and loves to be around Nancy and her husband, Grumpy. Nancy is an endless font of activities. She hides little pieces of colored stones in yard for the boys to find. She creates treasure hunts, and on and on. This morning we pic ked up the boys and went to a playground for about 20 minutes before story time at the Warren library.  We arrived the library to  find there was to be a performance. They are doing a Make the World a better place program, introducing the children to other lands. A woman in grass skirt and lei did a few dances and taught the kids the language of hula. Then she asked them to stand up and join her. It was adorable and our little guys kind of joined in.

Being auntie, I got to enjoy their company, watch them grow, get hugs, and then head home!

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