Loyalty – demanded or earned?

We saw this seen at around 8 am on game day. The Orleans Firebirds take the field at 5:30 pm but loyal fans set out their chairs and blankets early to get the best spots. The Cape Cod Baseball League has been playing for over 125 years on the Cape. This is the top college level summer league in the country and currently consists of 10 teams. The players arrive early June and play several games per week, with finals the first weekend in August. We are lucky to have  a team here in Orleans. They play at Eldridge Field at the middle school, walking distance to our place.

Team players stay with local families and must earn their keep. At 7th inning stretch, several players walk through the crowd and pass the hat. Local restaurants provide meals and there is a raffle each game. Games are free. It’s very home town with kids running around and the middle school PTA selling food.

Fans come out regardless of how the Firebirds are playing (they are currently in 1st place!). Fans are loyal. They see these boys doing their best and put on a great show.

It doesn’t take long to segue into thinking about the current president, much as I hate it. This morning we had breakfast at the firehouse and commented on the ‘family’ of firefighters. They must trust one another, and their lives may depend on that trust. There appeared to be general camaraderie and respect for each other. We saw the fans set up early for the hometown baseball team.

And then we have a president who demands respect. I read about a recent cabinet meeting where each cabinet member had to talk about their position and what they think of the president. Of course, they all praised him. Of course. But how can anyone with an ounce of self-respect say they think he’s doing a good job. I mean GREAT job. Who in their right mind would take a position in the current administration, knowing that at any moment they might be tweeted about, trashed, fired? Let’s face it, no one is safe with this egomaniac in charge.

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