So much for New Year’s Resolutions

By Jan 3rd, I’d already lost it. My resolution was to write something daily, even got a list of prompts, but smooth forgot on Wednesday. Then Thursday.


It’s freezing here in New England. What made us stay for this, when we could be back in Texas complaining that we have to wear long pants?

Our condo has a wood burning fireplace and according to condo regs, it must be inspected annually. So in November, we called around to find an inspector and were given a date 2 months hence.  Still we were excited the appointment was just 1 day before the expected bombogenesis, the great winter storm that is currently plummeting the East Coast. Two men in black showed up as expected. No tall caps and long-handled brooms, but still, anytime you see a sweep, it is good luck.

They started the job with a gizmo that loads a camera on a flexible pole and shoot it up the chamber. A display shows up on a tiny TV with amazing clarity. They said it was pretty old equipment, but still very effective, so why spring for a drone or whatever is being used.

These guys were very good at explaining how it all works, saying that our smoke box was much larger than necessary and today they are built differently. Ours must have been built with Santa Claus in mind.

Sadly, there is a crack towards the top, making it unsafe to use. Our neighbor above us has a chimney that is apparently side by side with ours. Who knows what it would do. So we’ll need to have something done for next year. Bummer, I’d just purchased a small bundle of wood and was looking forward to keeping extra warm.

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