Snow Day

We woke today to another layer of snow. The sun pops in and out, shining on the white yard, and it’s beautiful. Temperatures are around 12 so I’ll have to appreciate it from afar. It’s hard to cover up enough that I feel I can go for a walk. Today might be the day I walk inside.

Our condo complex has a very nice club house, just a minute from our front door. It’s nice but a flash from the past. Old Colony was built in the early 70’s and the club house hasn’t changed since then. It reminds me of a church hall, with a bunch of long tables and chairs, a shelf with puzzles, books on shelves, and a kitchen with service for about 50. A big fireplace is the focal point, with a couple of couches and chairs, made of gold Naugahyde. Flashback!

On the walls are paintings that must have come from homes of those who’ve moved out. There is not set theme other than ‘coastal paintings’ that you might have purchased when you bought your home on Cape Cod.

The bathrooms are large and each one has a sauna that hasn’t been used in 30 years. In the women’s room are two pieces of equipment, both were, like the art, came form condo owners who’ve left (or died). Today I’ll use both, it’s just too cold to get out there!


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