One-in-a-Million Boy by Monica Wod

10 Things about The One in a Million Boy

worth a read!! 
  1. It’s never too late to make a new friend.
  2. Everyone has a story worth hearing.
  3. No matter your age, you can achieve goals.
  4. We all have something to give. 
  5. Family is not defined merely by blood or marriage.
  6. Commitment is not easy, but it will be satisfying.
  7. Although fiction, you know people like the characters herein.
  8. This book is well written and even better edited. There was not a missing word, nor a spare one.
  9. Thankfully, Monica Wood has other books to read.
  10. Reading a book on Kindle is not that bad (this was my 1st)

 An 11-year old is assigned to yard work for a 104-year old recluse in order to earn his Boy Scout badges. He also interviews her for a class project about old people. He is the first reliable boy to help her and she opens up to his questions about her life, a full century of experience. This quirky boy, a lister who loves world records, is determined to get the old gal into the Guinness book.

One Saturday, his father comes instead, not telling the old lady that his son died suddenly, only that he was there to fulfill his son’s obligation. Thus, begins a sweet story about commitment, family, the elderly, and grief. Monica Wood has written a beautiful book with something for all readers.

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