Tomb of King Mohammed V in Rabat

MasMoVTombWe started the day visiting the Mausoleum of King Mohammed V in Rabat, built in the 20th century on the site of the Hassan Tower. The mausoleum is gorgeous, and the artistry is truly amazing. It is white with a green tiled roof, green being the color of Islam. A pair of guards on horseback are posted at each entry and guards stand at each doorway to the tomb. They wear a white shirt with gold buttons, billowy white pants and white spats over black boots, a red and white belt and a red cape with green trim, the colors of the Moroccan flag. The hat is a white fez wrapped in blue cording, the top red with a black tassel. They stand at guard with one white gloved hand over the belt, the other hand holds a rifle that is inlaid wMasMoVTomb-guardith silver and ivory. A very impressive picture.

The mausoleum is built opposite the Hassan Tower, that was to be the largest minaret and the largest mosque in the world but work on that was stopped when the king died, and his dynasty along with him. That was back in 1199.MasMoVTomb-tower

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