New TSA rules

It’s good to know that people are still flying. Maybe some of these new rules should have always been in effect, but here we go. Read the CN Traveler article, but here are a few highlights.

  • You scan the boarding pass. Whether on your phone or paper, you’ll put it on the scanner, then hold it up so the TSA rep can see it. This will be the same at the boarding gate.
  • To avoid the scanner having to handle your carry-on bags, you must remove more items than in the past. Any food should be put in a plastic bag and in a separate bin. Laptops, etc, in a separate bin. Liquids the same. Anything to prevent the scanner’s need to pull your bag for a hand search.
  • Wear a face mask. Not required but highly recommended.

TSA employees will be wearing masks and are to change gloves after any pat down.

These differences began Memorial weekend and should be in place by mid-June.

This is one more reason to get TSA Pre-Check, as members may not have to do all the separating out.

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