Disinfect your luggage – before, during, after a trip

These are things we never thought about before, at least I didn’t! I’d usually give my bags a cursory wipe down, but that has changed due to COVID19.Lucas Spinner

Think about it – you’re not the only one who handles your bag. It begins with you at home, but also

  • the taxi or Lyft driver may put it in and out of the trunk.
  • The airline desk agent if you check your bag. Then ground crew here and there
  •  TSA if they need to look into your bag
  • The van driver once you reach your destination
  • The bellman at the hotel
  • repeat these last two if you are moving around

This article at Smarter Travel gives some quick and simple steps to clean your bag when you return home, but I suggest you do all of this before packing in the first place, and give it some wipe downs during the trip.


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