Collective Effervescence

Last night I attended opening night of the Cape Cod Chamber Music Festival. It was my first indoor event since Covid shut us down 18 months ago.

Masks were required and it was a smaller than normal audience. And the performance was shorter, but it was mighty. The two artistic directors, Jon Manasse and Jon Nakamatsu – known as the 2 Jons – performed music that I didn’t recognize. Piano and clarinet and both are masters. Nakamatsi did a piece that was not terribly pretty but it was one that probably required all of his skills and it was truly amazing.

Manasse took a mic and said he felt “Collective Effervescence” – a perceived energy formed by a gathering of people as might be experienced at an artistic performance or sporting event. So true!

There are a few concerts still to be seen here on Cape Cod. Run, don’t walk.

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