Tourism down in the US-could guns have something to do with this?

The front page of  this week’s Travel Weekly, a trade publication, says that inbound tourism is down in 2017.  According to the Commerce Dept’s National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO), international visitors fell 3.9% in the first 6 months of the year. Strong growth markets –  China and India are off by 3.2% and 12.9% respectively.  New York City accounts for nearly 30% market share for incoming travelers is down for the first time since 2009. They predict they could lose up to 100,000 overseas visitors.

Some blame the Trump Dump – the America-first rhetoric, the Muslim ban, the laptop on planes restrictions, Cuba travel rollback. What here says Welcome to America? Destination tourism offices are launching campaigns to let visitors know they are welcome, such at NYC & Company, Visit California, and Brand USA.

Do you realize how important this is? Tourism employs 1 in 11 worldwide. These are positions in all classes and skill levels. In developing countries, tourism is often among the top five contributors to their gross income.

I can’t help but think guns play a large role in this. In the US, there are mass shootings daily. If I were thinking of coming to the States, I’d think twice. Sending your child as an exchange student? A church group? Run a marathon? No way.

Contact your elected officials, local, state, federal, and tell them you are tired of reading about killings and fear. Tell them we need controls on the sales of guns now. There is no need for any individual – anyone at all – to have automatic weapons.

2nd amendment be damned. That has nothing to do with this. Read it.

Economics seem to be the only thing that talks – remember that tourism employs 1 in 11 worldwide.