COVID-19 – should you be traveling now?

"be vigilant but not paralyzed. There’s no benefit to come from being scared to the point of never leaving your house. There are contagions out there—whether they’re reported or not—so take appropriate precautions and go about your life." Below is an interview between Recommend magazine, a travel counselor publication, and Dr. William Spangler, global medical … Continue reading COVID-19 – should you be traveling now?

Force for change, force for good in Guatemala

As the owner of a travel company, JB Journeys, I have been fortunate on occasion to meet people in other countries who have the capacity to impactfully change the world for good. Tara and Rob Cahill of Guatemala are two such people. I first met the Cahills while I was birding in Guatemala in 2017. … Continue reading Force for change, force for good in Guatemala

The Rich are Different – Newport, RI

If you don’t know about the mansions in Newport, you are missing some gorgeous homes that once belonged to American ‘royalty’. Names like Vanderbilt, Whitney, and more, built mid to late 1800s and into early 1900s. These were summer homes, used for 4-6 weeks per year and where the wealthy met other wealthies, hopefully to … Continue reading The Rich are Different – Newport, RI

Lincoln Library in Springfield, IL

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield makes for an emotional visit. Opened only in 2005, it was created as one of the first “experience museums” by BRC Imagination Arts, a production agency that is more Disney than history. The museum “combines priceless historical artifacts with BRC's innovative, contemporary storytelling technologies.” This is no old-fashioned … Continue reading Lincoln Library in Springfield, IL