Antigua, Guatemala, Holy Week

The lovely colonial city of Antigua, Guatemala is where we spend most of our Holy Week tour each year. Streets are cobble-stoned, houses painted pastel colors, churches on every corner. During the Lenten season, so much more is going on, including creating gorgeous carpets, or alfombras, on the streets. The alfombras are made from flower … Continue reading Antigua, Guatemala, Holy Week

Back-to-back movies about people my age

Seems the only time I see first run movies is on airplanes. My carry-on bag was loaded down with several books, but I chose to watch movies. I could have learned a brief history of Croatia, but no, instead I watched Book Club. This is a cute story about 4 good girlfriends who’ve know each … Continue reading Back-to-back movies about people my age

“The Bookshop” – like a classic novel

Here is a movie I look forward to seeing - The Bookshop. Read this review in today's paper. I love the reviewer's description:  “The Bookshop” doesn’t lend itself to easy explication. Like the best novels, meaning is to be savored, not summarized." How perfect is that? Sometimes when I am writing a book review, I try … Continue reading “The Bookshop” – like a classic novel

The Storyteller of Marrakesh

The Storyteller of Marrakesh by Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya Hassan, a Berber from the mountains, is the latest in his family of a long line of storytellers. For a thousand years, storytellers have been found in the souks (market places), passing down oral histories, telling stories of kings, love, and folk tales. His story tonight is one … Continue reading The Storyteller of Marrakesh