“The Bookshop” – like a classic novel

Here is a movie I look forward to seeing - The Bookshop. Read this review in today's paper. I love the reviewer's description:  “The Bookshop” doesn’t lend itself to easy explication. Like the best novels, meaning is to be savored, not summarized." How perfect is that? Sometimes when I am writing a book review, I try … Continue reading “The Bookshop” – like a classic novel

The Storyteller of Marrakesh

The Storyteller of Marrakesh by Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya Hassan, a Berber from the mountains, is the latest in his family of a long line of storytellers. For a thousand years, storytellers have been found in the souks (market places), passing down oral histories, telling stories of kings, love, and folk tales. His story tonight is one … Continue reading The Storyteller of Marrakesh

Tanglewood, finally

I’ve known of the music venue and festival of Tanglewood for years, seen it on TV, and finally this year, got to visit. If you don’t know it, Tanglewood is the summer home of the Boston Pops and a summer academy for aspiring young music students from around the world. You’ve probably seen a performance … Continue reading Tanglewood, finally

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver

Well-known novelist Barbara Kingsolver and her family decided to take food sourcing into their own hands. They moved from the desert of Tucson back to a family farm in Virginia and chronicled a year of growing their own food or buying from local sources. What they couldn’t produce or find, they’d do without. This is … Continue reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver