Harvest Table, Barbara Kingsolver’s restaurant

Following up on her bestseller, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, author Barbara Kingsolver and family opened up a farm-to-table restaurant in Meadowview, Virginia, near her family home and farm. And it happened to be on the route of our southbound trip this fall. Only a few miles off the highway, Meadowview is so small you could easily … Continue reading Harvest Table, Barbara Kingsolver’s restaurant

Antigua, Guatemala, Holy Week

The lovely colonial city of Antigua, Guatemala is where we spend most of our Holy Week tour each year. Streets are cobble-stoned, houses painted pastel colors, churches on every corner. During the Lenten season, so much more is going on, including creating gorgeous carpets, or alfombras, on the streets. The alfombras are made from flower … Continue reading Antigua, Guatemala, Holy Week